stop using broad match in google ads

Dear Marketing Agency,

I assumed every Agency used their clients' budget effectively...boy was I wrong.


I am only writing this short little piece to shed light that, yes, even in 2020 we are still dealing with marketing agencies running PPC campaigns for clients using broad match (and only broad match).

I'm uncertain if it's just an isolated case of laziness, or if it stems from something bigger.

To most marketers, agency owners or any experienced PPC managers, this news is old and irrelevant -- and I agree.

Yet, I feel bad for the companies (clients) that put their blind trust (and 💰) into these agencies that provide such a vital service.

I'm confident saying that in 99% of cases, using ONLY broad match for keywords in Ad Campaigns is an ineffective strategy.

Here is a quick example of the different options you can use:

Understanding Broad match
Understanding Broad, Phrase and Exact Match

As you can see, there is a world of difference between Broad, Phrase, and Exact Match.

That's not even mentioning modifiers.

Like I said earlier, this is most likely old or irrelevant news.

But, in the case that you know someone that is using ONLY broad match, please feel free to share this with them.

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