sandbar bar and grill

Belleville, Michigan

Sandbar Bar & Grill

One of my favorite clients has been the Sandbar Bar & Grill in my hometown of Belleville, Michigan. Bill and Penny were amazing to work with.

The bar and grill sat on an under-utilized, defunct 9-hole ball golf course. I worked with them over a period of 6 months developing, planning and transitioning the golf course into an 18-hole disc golf course.

I recruited the help of local business owners and disc golf pros Ben and Terry Calhoun at the Throwshop in Ypsilanti, to head up the course design.

This project brought in a new stream of customers during the development of the disc golf course through multiple fundraiser events and leagues being put on.

I helped Bill with logo design, email marketing and Facebook Ads.

Below are some statistics from just 1 ad campaign I ran for them:

sandbar bar and grill ads

Over a 3-day period, we spent $82 to collect a total of 90 email addresses. We targeted a 5 mile radius around the restaurant and received near 9,000 impressions during this time.

The cost per acquisition was .91 cents (per email). This was a great test run for the restaurant. They now had 90 new people on an email list to promote their weekly deals to.