Instagram Fan Page Strategy

Instagram Tiered Fan Page Strategy

Being present on Instagram in 2019 will be more vital than ever before. As I get into the depths of this Instagram follower strategy, I'd like to share a disclaimer.

This strategy will only be useful for a limited amount of time, and could stop being effective at ANYTIME (Circa October 2018)

With that being said, this blog post is aimed at business owners who are part of the "late-majority" when it comes to Instagram.

If you still don't have an Instagram for your business, you're in the late majority. Here's a graph to show you more about what I mean:

Technology Adoption Chart

Although Social Media (and Instagram for that matter) are here to stay as a dominant marketing force, it's vital to get on the bandwagon as early as possible.

My humble opinion:

"We are still in the early years of social media, but in the latter half of the golden years for under-priced ad spend and attention on social."

This is why it's so vital to get started ASAP. Without further a duo, let's get into the Instagram Tiered Fan Page Strategy.

Fan Page Follower Strategy

In 2015 and 2016, the follow/unfollow strategy on Instagram worked like gold. You were able to follow your competitor's followers on Instagram, wait 3-4 days and turn around and unfollow them.

The follow/unfollow rate was better than 50%. It was a quick way to go from zero to 10,000 followers.

Fast forward to late 2018. Not only has your follow/unfollow rate dropped below 10% (8% from my experience), but it is now considered spam to Instagram to use this strategy.

You can effectively cause your IG account to get shadow-banned if you're not careful.

This is where the "Fan Page" strategy comes into play.

Instagram Tiered Fan Page Strategy
Tiered Instagram Fan Pages

This strategy has been still proven effective as of this writing (October 2018). Essentially, you can still run the follow/unfollow IG strategy.

However, instead of risking your main Instagram profile from being shadow banned, you only risk one of your fan pages from being cut off.

This strategy becomes super effective when you have multiple fan page accounts running on an Instagram bot following/unfollowing people.

Below are some screenshots of the local "Detroit Barber Co" gaining a huge following on their main IG account by funneling Instagramers through their fan pages:

Detroit Barber Company Instagram Search
Detroit Barber Company Main IG
Detroit Barber Company Fan Page 1
Detroit Barber Company Fan Page 2
Detroit Barber Company Fan Page 3

As you can tell, the follow/unfollow strategy is still working wonders for Detroit Barber Co.

If you noticed, they linked their Instagram Profile in the Bios of all of their fan page accounts. Besides this, they were still heavily active on all their fan page accounts; not sparing quality.

Why Do Followers Matter?

I might get a little heat for this, but hear me out. They don't.

It is so much more important for your business to just be present on Instagram, and connecting with your audience on a daily basis.

With that being said, the main reason (I believe) most people and businesses are doing this strategy is because of what happens at the 10,000 follower mark.

Knowledge Bomb: If you didn't know, Instagram made it possible to outbound link from your Instagram Stories.

The only requirement? There's actually 2, technically.

#1.) You must have an Instagram Business Account (It's free, and you have to link it to your Business Facebook Page)

#2.) You need to have 10,000 followers.

This is so important because what made Instagram so popular in the first place was the lack of outbound links on the social platform (minus your profile bio).

Now, you have the ability to outbound link from your IG Story. This is huge for a couple reasons.

First, Instagram Stories have the highest engagement on Instagram. In 2018, Instagram Stories beat out Snapchat (the whole app) for daily user engagement (just on Stories alone).

Second, It's an outbound link aka a website/traffic/sales generator.

It has been all the rage of getting to 10k followers, and this strategy is still proving useful for small businesses to be effective at reaching that goal.

It's not the secret sauce..

I would love to tell you that this method is what's going to boost you to 10,000 followers alone. Or that you will receive high engagement levels from using this strategy.

However, that would be misleading. The truth is, there are so many things that must happen in order for you to grow an engaging following on Instagram.

Here's an amazing blog post explaining it better than I can about all the things that you need to do to have a successful time gaining and keeping Instagram followers.

Software Tools You'll Need

If you're still interested in trying out the Tiered Fan Page Strategy, than there are a couple of Software tools you'll need that are absolutely essential.

These tools not only help you achieve this strategy, but save you hours of time each day:


I'm sort of trolling on this, but it is literally the first step if you don't have an Instagram account.


You know how important it is to consistently post in Instagram.

Part of your Instagram strategy needs to be limiting time posting pictures in real-time.

Tailwind is your perfect scheduler designed specifically for Instagram (and Pinterest).


Captivate App

Captivate is the software app that makes the magic sauce happen. This is the Instagram software bot that can follow/unfollow people for you. It's not user friendly or easy to set up, but it is the best software tool I've found for Instagram follow bots.

There is a free version, but if you're serious about using this strategy I would upgrade to the $10/month version. The upgrade allows you to follow/unfollow without the app being open on the phone (major inconvenience).

Here's the tutorial video I watched on how to setup Captivate. It's not the best quality and doesn't have a "cool thumbnail", but she walks you through everything you need to know.

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