Google June Core Update

In the SEO world, it's not very common that Google (as the primary Internet Search Provider) announces a core-algorithm update.

In fact, this has NEVER happened in the past 20 years -- until 2 days ago.

SEO's usually figure out when an update has occurred my monitoring the ranking of the websites they work on through a number of different software programs.

When a websites' search rankings fluctuate more than normal, SEO's tend to start chirping at each other. Back in the day, this took place on forums.

Today, the majority of conversations about potential algo-updates tend to happen on social. Whether that be in a popular SEO Facebook group or on Twitter.

This is what makes this update so interesting. For the first time, Google has not only acknowledged an update, but have pre-announced the roll-out of an update.

This update signals a fundamental change in terms of transparency on Google's part in the 'search community'.

June Core Update Changes

Being less than 24 hours into the update, it's hard to say. There have been posts in the SEO groups about sites having massive fluctuations. I use a popular software called SEMRush.

Here's an update on the algorithm changes in rankings based on the categories of search results:

June Core Algorithm Update by Category
June Core Algorithm Update by Category

To be more specific, this chart shows the changes for websites that would fall under these categories in the search results.

The chart scales from 1-10, with 10 being the highest changes in search results for that category.

The 'News' category has fluctuated the most so far with a 9.1

This means any websites that fall under the 'news' umbrella should be seeing a mix-up in rankings.

The 'Sports' category is seeing the 2nd highest ranking fluctuations so far.

There are a ton of categories still fluctuating. Since this is a core update, everyone should be keeping an eye on things.

SEMRush Sensor

Here is the SEMRush sensor for today (Tuesday, June 4th). This shows an overall picture of the search algorithm changes across all of Google search in the same 1-10 volatility scale:

SEMRush Rankings Flucuation Sensor
SEMRush Rankings Flucuation Sensor

Of course, if you don't pay for SEMRush, you won't be able to see this tracker.

I've recently made this sensor available for anyone that wants to keep an eye on things.

You can bookmark my 'Google Weather Update' page in your bookmarks bar to quickly check the SEMRush sensor anytime! I will be adding more options and tracking widgets to the page in the future.


Every site will have a different experience. Core updates fundamentally change how Google ranks websites for search terms. But that doesn't mean you have to be worried.

If you have been optimizing your websites properly, you shouldn't see any major drops.

Google hasn't changed what they look for in quality search results. Providing answers and value upfront for the search intent will always win in the long term.

You're in it for the long term...


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