byte vs tiktok

Byte was created by Vine co-founder, Dom Hofmann and released on January 24th, 2020.

Byte enters the social media landscape at a pivotal time for its' main competitor, TikTok, faces scrutiny and privacy concerns.

How Does Byte Work?

Byte features 6 second, looping videos. It is available in the US on the iOS and Android app stores.

Much like TikTok, Byte's feed is made up of vertical videos that users can scroll through. You can upload videos from your camera roll or use the built-in camera to take a video.

Users can download videos from Byte and share across other social channels. Taking a note from TikTok, every video downloaded from Byte features the Byte Watermark.

Byte will not feature follower count figures on user profiles for the public to see. The co-founder is taking a different course of action compared to other social channels, wanting to focus content quality and not personal popularity.

How Many People Are Using Byte?

Currently, there are no official numbers on Byte downloads across the US.

Good news for Byte though, as they ended Friday (January 24th) at the Number 1 'Free App' on the US App Store.

Former Vine stars and Current TikTok influencers have started to flood the app.

Can I Make Money on Byte?

Coming down the pipe line, Byte has announced upon release an exclusive 'Partner Program', in a series of tweets:

It looks as if Byte focused on the importance of creator compensation from the beginning.

Will Byte succeed against TikTok?

As we get deeper into 2020, only time will tell.

User adoption will play the biggest role.

Whether or not the nostalgia effect of old Vine will reminisce users to download, use and create videos in an already saturated social landscape; has yet to be seen.

Why Should I Download the Byte App?

Social Media is all about attention. If you are a business owner, personal brand, own a website or are an influencer; the importance on being where the attention is is a powerful tool for building your brand.

Our opinion, is yes, you should at least download it. Test it out. Try some things that make you uncomfortable.

It can't hurt your brand.

Download Byte App | iPhone Store

Download Byte App | Android Store