Antioch Ann Arbor

Antioch Community Church is a non-denominational church located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I have been attending Antioch since 2014. Their tagline is a "Passion for Jesus & His Purposes in the Earth".

In 2017, I had an opportunity to take them on as a client. I started optimizing their website for local SEO and managing their Google Paid Ad Campaigns.

There are a lot of content pieces to work with, and it has given me a great ability to be creative in producing multiple post styles on different social media channels.

In 2018, Instagram was an amazing source for organic reach and there has also been a great response from Facebook Ads as well.

Below is an example of a Facebook Ad that I ran to obtain new visitors:

antioch ads
6-Day FB Ad Campaign w/ >$200 Budget

This was a 6-day ad campaign ran on less than $200.

I targeted the ad objectives as 'link clicks' to generate new visitors to the website.

The landing page was the 'Sunday Services' page with more information about the church, it's values and times of service.

We received 144 link clicks to the landing page for $1.16 per click.

This was the first time I tested paid social traffic for lead generation for the church.