Ann Arbor Home Organizers

Ann Arbor Home Organizers is a full service home organizing company based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Holly Southerland is the owner of A2 Home Organizers. I teamed up with Holly to help her website generate more web traffic from Google through on-site SEO optimization.

This included:

  • Updating Title Tags
  • Updating Header Tags (via Weebly CMS)
  • Installing and connecting Google Analytics
  • Installing and connecting Google Search Console
  • Tracking the Rankings & Implementation results
  • SEO & Digital Marketing Consultation

Below are some screenshots of Organic Traffic (from Google) since the installation of Google Analytics in October:

ann arbor home organizers google analytics traffic screenshot
300% Increase in Organic Traffic from Oct 19-Jan 20

When we started tracking website traffic in early October, the website was averaging 13 organic visitors/week.

Fast forward to mid January 2020, the website is averaging 42 organic visitors/week.

Ann Arbor Home Oranizers Increase in Organic Impressions
230% Increase in Organic Search Impressions from Oct 19 - Jan 20

Once we installed Google Search Console, we were able to start tracking Google Search impressions.

Search Impressions are defined as, "the amount of times your website is shown in the Google Search results for any given keyword search."

After just 90 days, there has been a 230% increase in Search Impressions.

Below is the daily average per month:

Oct: 139 daily impressions

Nov: 187 daily impressions

Dec: 281 daily impressions

Jan: 322 daily impressions (projected)


The amount of relevant, potential leads for Ann Arbor Home Organizers has also increased.

This is evident from 2 places.

The first is seen in the 'average session duration' from organic traffic, which has averaged 03:31 on the website.

This is indicative of high relevance and the correct search intent from google. These visitors are highly engaged since they're staying on the website for over 200 seconds!

The second place we can see the proof of relevant traffic is from the increased positions in google search itself.

Organic Search Rankings for Ann Arbor Home Organizers
Google Search Rankings Chart for A2 Home Organizers

As we optimized for header and title tags relevant to Holly's target audience, we saw her website rise in the organic rankings for the search terms listed.

This was a huge swing that happened purely by optimizing for on-page SEO (on a weebly CMS at that).

So this is a HUGE deal for Holly!

The term, "Professional Home Organizer" is one of her main search terms she needs to rank in Google in order to attract the right website visitors.

In turn, the right website visitors can turn into future clients.

Let's look at another important (local) search term:

These were just a few of the successes we had while working on this project. It was really fun working with Holly and her company.

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